Artistic content is of paramount importance no matter how simple or straightforward the message. If your intention is to convince, educate, entertain, influence or sell, the impact of the message is only as good as its attractiveness to the viewer. We welcome the opportunity to work with your advertising company, advertising department or company talent, or we have associations with successful and respected organizations who are our partners in artistic design and direction.

WSI has its own established World Wide Web server that is fully operational and connected 24 hours a day to the Internet. We have a wide range of sophisticated technical skills available to program web pages and the multimedia equipment to incorporate your visual, music and voice/narration requirements.

We combine our currency in technology with Internet courses that are designed to fit the needs of individuals or groups. Our education program covers te whole business of the internet ... business case and business planning, artistic considerations and the whole range of Internet use, history, current status and future.
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