Centralized or distributed? Should we migrate from mainframe glass house to client server? Why would I change ... improved economics, ability to grow, price performance, take advantage of our employees' ideas, energy and creativity? We have proven methodologies and experience to help you wrestle with these questions. We will help you bring these issues to a custom and optimal solution that will WORK for your organization. Our approach of stakeholder involvement in the process ensures that these decisions form the blueprint to take advantage of the price/performance of emerging technologies.

Have you been disappointed to find that what you thought was going to be delivered wasn't? Then the debate. Then the discomfort of discovering inadequate documentation of expectations. We can help you ensure that your expectations are accurately captured, understood and respected. This is an iterative process over the duration of the project using the tried and proven methodologies of problem management and change control. Whether the project is application development, hardware or software upgrades, the design and implementation of new technology platforms or a telecommunications design initiative, we can help you meet and exceed your own expectations.

The options and alternatives for configuring network connected devices are many. Host computers, servers, client workstations and the networks that distribute and connect them ... these are a set of technologies that are unique to the distributed systems environment. We can assist you in all phases of getting there. We have knowledge and experience in the planning, design, development, installation and support of networked systems.
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