There are many decisions to make when acquiring hardware and software. Your peace of mind comes with understanding the alternatives, knowing what is important to your organization both now and in the future and being comfortable with the technology direction that you're taking. We can help you choose from the variety of hardware platforms and system software options. Configuration and customization is part of the service. We are experienced at coordinating the activities of multiple vendors. We'll guide you and your organization through a smooth transition and cutover. We will work with you to ensure that contracts, leases and warranties are suitable for your situation.

Take advantage of the increasing selection and improving capability of client server software. Graphical user interfaces (GUI's), ease of use, user friendliness and the vast array of charting, graphics, data bases, spread sheets and animation options give almost unlimited capability to the user. When coupled with corporate data bases and applications, the power of your corporate information resources is unleashed! We focus on assisting you in taking full advantage of the energy and creativity of the knowledge workers in your organization. We will help you work through the business issues, the technologies and the development of powerful applications that will bring even more value to your information investment.

You have a substantial investment in applications that are currently running and providing function and value to your organization. Typically, well over fifty percent of your highly skilled development resource is supporting, maintaining and enhancing these installed systems.
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