When you wish to focus your energy and management prowess on the core aspects of your business, you get frustrated at those issues that distract you. While you know that systems and technology play a key role in your operation, there are some areas of your systems organization that are not strategic or sensitive, but at the same time are critical and need to be well managed. The principals at WSI can work with you to discern which areas are cost effective candidates for facilities management. We can assume responsibility for the operation, performance, reliability and responsiveness of areas of the systems function that are deemed suitable. And we will demonstrate the cost effectiveness of the decision.

Changes in how you do business are inevitable, sometimes frequent and occasionally dramatic. The impact that change creates on how employees and managers perform their jobs is usually well understood, but the required mental and knowledge preparation is typically underestimated. Education and training of the people affected by change brought on by new technology and new business processes is an important feature in securing enthusiastic employee buy-in. We are experienced in working with organizations to plan, develop and deliver courses and class-room education that are customized to meet the needs and expectations of your people ... they will be prepared and motivated ... and they will be productive.
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