You have suppliers. Contracts and agreements are in place. Requirements documentation spells out the expectations of all the parties. However, your internal customers become uncomfortable. Costly changes are required as time passes. Problems arise ... budgets get over-run, expected deliveries don't materialize and positions become entrenched.

We have demonstrated success at building and re-building strong mutually beneficial business relationships. Understanding the issues, problems and sensitivities of distinct groups that must work together as a team toward a common goal is a technique in which we take great pride. Establishing common ground, facilitating open communication, building on trust and compromising without yielding on principle ... these are business relationship processes that we understand.

There are many adjectives that describe a successful RFP undertaking: rigorous, principled, simple, comprehensive, fair, sensitive, consultative, objective and effective. We have experience in the process and we know how to deal with the issues. How do you get an informative response from a vendor without putting them through an unnecessarily expensive and time consuming exercise? How do you keep subjectivity out and integrity in? How do you obtain balanced input from your internal stakeholders? We can help you come to a cost effective solution, present results and recommendations in a business-like fashion and maintain the interest and respect of the vendors ... the winners as well as the ones who come in second. We have a proven methodology and we understand the process.

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