Project management is more than managing projects.

Ensuring that sound project leadership is in position, funding is in place, executive sponsors are on board and a detailed project plan is supported ... this is the foundation for solid project management.

Quality assurance techniques religiously adhered to, ensure expectations are met. Requirements definition, measurement, risk analysis and reduction, business process improvement and problem management & change control are processes that are fundamental to success. WSI's principals have managed technology projects of all sizes and complexities. WSI employees have decades of successful experience in building, leading and motivating teams to deliver results on time and with proven value to the organization.

We will work with your organization to equip your project with suitable project management skills that are compatible with your organization's style and values.

Understanding areas of uncertainty is fundamental to minimizing project risk. Every project has areas in it that are "fuzzy" in terms of time, effort or money required to complete.

Recognizing that all technology initiatives contain areas of risk, we identify and focus on those areas in the plan that require further definition, special skill sets and contingency planning. These areas are identified and a range of best to worst case is built into the plan. If this range is unacceptably wide, further research narrows the range to acceptable limits.
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