is a company with a committed team, proven techniques and broad experience. We believe we have a powerful combination to produce valuable business solutions through the application of information technology. The principal reasons clients aquire services from WSI are:

Every client has a positive experience
We truly act in the client's best interest
We take a practical approach to determining business value and applying the most
appropriate technical solution to meet the business need
On average, our staff have over thirteen years of information technology experience
We have the capability to deliver complex technical solutions through the unique
technical skills required in major initiatives
The relationship we enjoy with our clients is characterized by professionalism, respect,
friendliness and partnership
We have a proven track record in delivering small and large systems

is a customer focused company, with a team of accomplished professionals, that has demonstrated the ability to deliver the integrated business solutions that focus on the needs of our clients.

wpe1.jpg (1175 bytes) We can be contacted day or night by email and we will respond promptly to any inquiries.

Suite 213 - 7164 - 120th Street
Surrey, B.C. Canada V3W 3M8
Phone: (604) 581-2555  Fax: (604) 677-5351

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