Each business solution is unique and WSI has designed its service offerings to provide either the entire systems integration service or key portions as required.

Our services delivery model allows us the flexibility to custom fit our resources to our clients' needs. Needs vary in scale depending on the size, experience, ability and goals of the client.

We can
bring our resources to manage the entire business solution from concept through to
implementation, and ongoing support if required;

or we can
provide skilled resources on a customer managed basis;

we can also
provide all service variations in between to best suit our clients.

WSI staff are familiar with a variety of project delivery methodologies to cover all phases of any type of system development life-cycle. An assignment, for example, may be part of an enterprise wide electronic commerce initiative or a departmental accounting application. Whether it be strategic or tactical, large or small, our consultants will use your methods if you wish. Alternatively, we will tailor our methods for each of our four services, to suit you.
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